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Securing Kubernetes w/ Network Policies - Technical Training

On Demand Training

Implementing Network Policy is a critical part of building a secure Kubernetes-based platform, but the learning curve from toy examples to more complex real-world policies is steep. Not only can it be painful to get the YAML syntax and formatting just right, but there are many subtleties in the behavior of the network policy specification (e.g. default allow/deny, namespacing, wildcarding, rules combination, etc.). Even a veteran Kubernetes YAML-wrangler can still easily tie their brain in knots working through an advanced network policy use case.

In this training, we will cover:

  • Basics of Kubernetes Network Policy and example policies everyone can start with
  • More advanced policies and considerations around different approaches one can take to securing network connectivity
  • Step by step instructions - from setting up simple policies to tackling trickier questions such as spotting and avoiding conflicting rules
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Real world policy examples similar to those implemented by major Kubernetes users
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Sean Winn

Sr. Solutions Architect @Isovalent

In his role as a Sr. Solutions Architect, Sean helps Cilium users build out the next generation of private and public cloud platforms using DevOps best practices. Sean brings years of hands on DevOps experience, having built and maintained a number of high-scale Kubernetes-based infrastructures.