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Referred to as "Superpowers for Linux", eBPF is the most exciting thing to happen to the Linux kernel in decades.   eBPF enables safe,  high performance extensibility for Linux kernel networking, security & tracing.

Cilium is eBPF-powered networking, observability, and security for a cloud native world.  Cilium's identity & API-awareness, and focus on high scale and performance goes well beyond what is possible with traditional IP + port-based networking.

We Contribute

Kubernetes is the de facto standard platform for running modern cloud native applications, simplifying the automated management of apps at scale.  Cilium integrates with Kubernetes using the Container Network Interface (CNI) standard.  

Envoy is a powerful layer 7 proxy with rich support for HTTP, gRPC, Kafka, and other protocols.   Cilium  leverages Envoy for API-layer visibility and accelerates the performance of Envoy using eBPF. 


Enterprise Offerings

We are proud to work with top-tier enterprises and cloud providers who are running business critical apps at massive scale.  

Cilium Enterprise

for Platform Teams Running Kubernetes 

24x7 enterprise-grade support, bugfix, and backports for Cilium's open source Kubernetes networking, observability & security.

Cilium Enterprise Security

for SecOps Teams Securing Kubernetes 

Cilium Enterprise, plus integration with the security team's SIEM for flow audit logs, incident investigation, alerting, and compliance monitoring.


About Us

Isovalent was founded by proven innovators in Linux networking & security and is backed by top-tier Silicon Valley investors. We are a global 35+ persons team with hands down the best expertise around eBPF and Kubernetes networking in the world.

Thomas Graf

Co-founder & CTO

Thomas is a long-time leader in the Linux kernel networking community at both Red Hat and Cisco.  He founded the Cilium project after recognizing the incredible potential of eBPF to revolutionize all aspects of Linux networking & security.

Dan Wendlandt

Co-founder & CEO

Dan was a founding employee and drove product strategy at Nicira, the company that created Open vSwitch and led the software-defined networking revolution.  Nicira was acquired by VMware and became the VMware NSX platform.